Javier Montoro is one of those people who knows the world of logistics. With more than 25 years of experience in the sector and after passing through several companies as founding partner or logistics director, he is now dedicated to training future generations of middle managers to face the exciting challenge of logistics 4.0.And it does, from Capitol Business School . The first Business School in Spain for Higher Vocational Training Technicians. And in the 1st Edition of the Master of Marketing and Logistics  where one of its professors is the director of business development of Milestone Logistics, David Olmos.

What aspects will be highlighted in this Master so that students can learn?

This Master is focused on two marketing and logistics modules. The “marketener” part will allow the students a better relationship to attract the client and a capacity to generate business in the company, and logistics as a tool and discipline for them to seek efficiency.

How did the idea of ​​this Master come about?

The Master is part of a more global project that has been conceived since the year 2014. And it is the idea or objective with which the Business School of Capitol Company works Capitol Business School. The objective is to give prestige to Professional Grade and that the students of Professional Grade not only stay with their two year cycle, but also have their specialization.

There was a moment when several circumstances converged and by Capitol Company decided to take the step of creating the first edition of this Master. To give more training to the graduates of vocational training and that the students are prepared to face the labor challenges, especially in the middle management. In this sense Capitol Business School is the first national Business School that is addressed to the Higher Professional Grade Technicians. And in fact the Master also arose from the needs that the companies have been transferring us in terms of the formation of middle managers.

Do you consider training in the world of logistics important?

The world of logistics at the moment is really being the lever that is making the marketing can get the results that the brands and companies intend. In fact, what is proposed in this Master is that marketing and logistics, which until now were separated, go hand in hand and have a joint vision in the company. Because logistics, in this moment in which online commerce is booming, is being a fundamental tool for companies to be successful in selling the products.

What skills should a person who wants to devote himself to the world of logistics?

It has to have a great integral vision of the system. In addition it has to have much vocation of service, a capacity like strategist and to arrive at the technical detail. That is why all the blocks that make up the Master are equipped with this type of disciplines so that these people are trained in these skills. We also work on the development of skills and abilities in this regard.

In this sector, words, alliances, partners, synergies … are heard. Are all these concepts necessary in logistics?

They are fundamental and in fact I personally applaud the 360 ​​Alliance that has been commanded by Milestone Logistics to offer the customer integral solutions from an analysis and advice with the consultancy and from there to carry out from the packaging to the final distribution with a single voice. It is about sharing information and working together because in logistics, if each one goes to his own, work is difficult. As we said, it is the necessary overview in logistics.

Are the national companies prepared for Logistics 4.0?

In Spain we are still far from the most advanced countries in this sense that are in the northern part of Europe where if we take much advantage with the subject of subcontracting. It is costing a lot to cede and outsource all this part especially in SMEs. They try to control but there comes a time when they realize that the costs are excessive for them. And that in other countries is very advanced. What if there is at the moment are great opportunities for the changes that are going to come. Both for companies and for students who want to train in future trends in this regard.

How is logistics affecting e-commerce sales?

The growth in electronic commerce at the moment is exponential and in fact the solutions of the logistics in the last mile are the lever that is allowed



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