This week we are going to talk about a product that you may not have noticed and that, in despite of being small, in it the logistics takes on a fundamental aspect. And logistics is so essential for its positioning in its final price as for its location in the stock and the lineals of the retailers. Fact that assumes a full customer´s satisfaction at the point of sale.

This is the logistics of lighting, a large family ranging from traditional light bulbs to low-consumption halogen eco-led through led and dozens of other variants.This product has a very peculiar market evolution that makes its logistics distribution and transport a constant challenge.

For 20 years, first with the incorporation to the market of light bulbs of low consumption, and later with LED, output prices were exorbitantly high. Its constant consumption and manufacture made that in a period of time, not very high, the prices were going down and they were a tenth part that in its origin.

Now we are living a replacement of all this type of lighting and is slowly being replaced by the new led lighting. But let us see, in any case, what are their particularities of storage, packing, transportation, logistics and manufacturing.

Agility in the supply chain

It is a product in which the agility of the supply chain is very important and with special relevance in the bulbs. It is necessary to take into account that if it takes more than the account to receive this type of material, in which the rotation is tremendously high, we can find a product out of phase with quality, components or price that will be rejected by the customer.

Packaging, main factor

Packing in the lighting is vital to avoid breakage as the fragility of light bulbs is a critical factor, although not as formerly where all light bulbs were made of glass. At present, many of the led bulbs are made of more resistant materials. However, its packaging continues to be a leading factor.

Customization of packaging

In addition to good packaging that dampen bumps and avoid breakages in the supply chain and logistics, another essential value to determine the purchase is the customization of the packaging. And this is understood when we perform an analysis of your market. At present, the market of the great consumption also incorporated at the moment mega linear of bulbs, as much of LED as older.

In this sense, we can find linear of this type of product, not only in DIY retailers. Also in food retailers. And in these megastores, consumers have very different buying habits from traditional stores that influence in a decisive way in their packaging. In this case, many accept the brand of the manufacturer and others want to package the product with its white label, in the case of small suppliers or unknown to the market. And much more if we deal with the channel of online sales, very different from off line.

Outstanding quality

Quality is essential, not only in these products but in all, as in pharmaceuticals. However, an extra is added here, since quality control is especially important when it comes to aggressively priced products, such as these, where suppliers may have incorporated cheaper components to make the final operation and product price competiveness.

Manufacturing Trends

There are two trends in the manufacture of this type of product. The realization of the product in the country of destination. This is the case of manufacturers who assemble their production lines to work JIT (Just in time) that is linked to a higher quality since the labor has a significant impact on the cost of the product.

On the other hand, it may be the case of having a national importer, who often assumes the risk of demand variability or obsolete overstocks.

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