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Only a company in good condition can improve and enrich the lives of people and their communities

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From Milestone Logistics we work in the active and voluntary contribution of the improvement of society. Therefore, we participate actively with several organizations.

We carry out actions together with the Valencian Association of Aids to Cerebral Palsy (AVAPACE). The general director of Milestone Logistics, Santiago Fernandez was president for ten years and is still a member of its board of directors.

AVAPACE is an association that is formed by people who experience at first hand the reality of cerebral palsy, its consequences and how it affects to its relatives. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1972 to alleviate the shortcomings suffered by those affected and their families.

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Since 2015, Milestone Logistics takes part in the ‘One Day Yes’ iniciative. A project that has materialized the construction of a school in Lamu (Kenya) by plastic and glass bottles that are collected in the trash and that is now in the process of consolidation to be self-sufficient.

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In addition, we are committed to the values of sport and we want all people, regardless of their financial resources and physical limitations, to have access to their practice.

In this way, we sponsor the UE Gandía soccer team and we carry out sponsorship actions in cycling races such as the Alto Palancia BBTT Circuit in the Castellón town of Caudiel.

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Also, from the ATS Elche Sporting Club. A basketball club that has more than 150 players, both in women’s and men’s teams and whose particularity lies in combining the standardized sport with the adapted one.

In fact, it is the only club in the province of Alicante that organizes an Adapted Basketball League, aimed at people with functional diversity greater than 33%, in addition to having its own participant team. The club is a member of the Federation of Basketball and the Federation of Adapted Sports of the Valencian Community.

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