The packaging and the packaging of those products related to the cosmetics are a separate world. It is said that the packaging it is the “silent vendor” but the truth is that, in this sector, it has become to be the most powerful weapon to sell the product itself.

This has reached such a point that there are many cosmetic containers or perfumery that have become true collector’s items or beauty icons.

At a first stage, from Milestone Logistics we are willing to contribute that it is not a strange evolution since in Spain, the export of this type of products, has reached its record in the last six years with an increase in sales of 8.6%. Therefore, it is a market of great sales and also of great competitors that need to be at the forefront in design.

The objectives of cosmetic packaging and perfumery, beyond to, protect the product contained within, must attract and convince. Attract because the cosmetics market is one of the most advertised on television, and let’s not talk about the perfum with the Christmas campaign.

Attracting in TV, in a magazine and also in the shopping linear; for that reason creativity in this sense has no borders. But, for this sector, more than any other, we must have a beautiful design, because we are talking about a product of beauty, well-being, both in the male and female cases. And, therefore, this is what your container must tell us.

Although each cosmetic brand has its own personality, in the cosmetic sector we can highlight several trends that are on the street.

Seriety and sobriety

Very simple bottles or bottles with old letters that seem to come from ancestral times with blank labels and bottles in very dark colors.

Clarity and transparency

Boxes and white packaging to transmit calm, neatness, well-being and with very clear and concise messages.

Apotheosis color

Very typical of cosmetics, the arrival of spring or summer, and a young atmosphere.

Respect for the enviroment

Here reused or recycled packaging is made, made with environmentally sustainable materials or with recycled cardboard.

Packs that represent a jewel

A mythical brand of cologne comes to mind with a female and masculine body that ends in many shelves as an object of worship. But, recently and on the occasion of the VIII Edition of the National Awards for Design and Sustainability of the Cluster of Innovation in Packaging, one of the winning projects had a concave lid that could be designed in several colors and that facilitated the stacking in the purchase lines.

However, its most striking aspect was that, after being consumed, this cream container, which in its design imitated the delicacy of nature and the rose petals, could be used as a jeweler. Therefore, a packaging that charges a more than spectacular value and a sector in which if the packaging is very important its transport, in which from Milestone Logistics.

We can help, it is even more so. But this, we will post it coming soon.

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