Not only the future of transportation, but the integration of the whole logistic chain will have to face the three trends or key points which will be playing the main role in the logistic world sooner or later. In fact, the logistic companies, which are taking into account all these aspects, are providing an added value to their clients, which makes the difference against other competitors.

1.Firstly, there is a key aspect which not only has an impact in the supply chain and in the logistic domain, but also it impacts on all the industrial domains. Users are paying attention to those companies which take the respect for the environment into account.

In the case of the logistic domain, there are more aspects to be taken into account since it can be considered from several points. On the one hand, more efficient vehicles could be worked on with a lower level of pollution such as electric or hybrid vehicles. On the other hand, a more efficient way has been achieved in the last mile. It is here where a traffic jam is produced. According to research done by the Spanish National Department of Traffic, urban zones from 8a.m. to 12a.m. are the places and timetables where a larger traffic jam is produced.

Several possibilities appear due to this necessity, for instance, the delivery of parcels via drones, which are being carried out by some companies as pilot tests and which are being implemented for their clients and users.

But the logistic chain encompasses a wider environment and due to this fact other solutions could be found in order to reduce the carbon footprint. In this way, packaging which comes from natural materials and could be re-used or could be biodegradable and environmentally friendly can be talked about. The recyclable and reusable pallets could represent another option.

2.Secondly, the capacity of improving the management of unexpected events in order to gain competitiveness and to find the perfect solution is essential, i.e., the perfect solution regarding the clients’ needs. In this way, the continuous access to clear information is the core of this matter.

Milestone Logistics has already integrated an ERP system in its website and in its company management to which clients can access at every moment and in real time. They have access to all the steps of their goods through systems of geo-location. Furthermore, this platform is inter-connected with the main shipping lines, ports, airports and customs. Consequently their clients are told of any important aspects regarding their goods.

Big Data and the management software are examples of contributing an added value to their clients, since these kinds of systems achieve shortening the delivery terms and solving possible problems regarding the goods while making fast decisions and taking into to account where the goods are.

3.Eventually, the augmented reality or the virtual reality has evolved into full technological 2D and 3D systems which allow the whole supply chain to save money and time in order to test and see possible mistakes which could be solved before distributing and inserting the product in the logistic chain.


There are some processes in the supply chain such as the container or the packaging in which these technologies together with JIT or Kanban programmes are achieving a maximum personalisation of the packaging for the users in record time.

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