When we think in the chemical industry related to the logistics, we think about pharmaceutical, cosmetics and beauty, clinics, hospitals, cleaning companies, substrates, agrochemicals, plastics … etc

Chemical industry continues its consolidation as one of the key sectors of the Spanish economy. There are more than 3,000 companies with a turnover of 59,000 million euros and generate 12.6% of the gross industrial product, employing more than 540,000 people, according to the latest data from the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (FEIQUE).

Their exports have registered a sostenible growth of 40% in the hardest period of the crisis from 2007 to 2016, improving their positions in all international markets outside the EU. The Spanish chemical sector exports outside Europe 41% of its total exports, 29% more than in 2000.

Before these data, it is essential to talk about the logistics needs of this booming sector and some key inputs to consider due the high added value and special cares that this kind of products need.

The regulations and controls are much higher

Chemical logistics can transport bot, raw materials and final products, within its logistics system to the consumer centers and companies that need this products. In the case of transporting dangerous goods, the regulations and controls on the cargo during the handling and transportation are much higher. Needless to say that all the products must be marked, labelled and identified as per the current normative regarding the nature of their components and substance that contains each product, based on its toxicological, physicochemical and conditions of use.

Particulars supply chain

We must pay attention that the logistics tasks covers all the aspects of the logistics chain, meaning not only the transport, but also loading, unloading and distribution.

Controls much more stringent

If we are going to make exports of chemical materials our controls must be much more stringent since the rules applied within the EU, and outside can become very different.

The environment

On the other hand we must look for a logistic operator or company that meets our needs because one of the key aspects to emphasize must be the care for the environment. In this case the country will not matter since the bet must be equal starting for any continent or region.

If logistics is an essential value in any sector, in the chemical sector it becomes a vital point that not only gives competitiveness to each company, but also becomes a key factor in avoiding conflict with third parties or society itself. To extend all this information we leave you a complete guide on the transport of this type of goods from the Technological Institute of Packaging, Transport and Logistics (ITENE).


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