Some of the food alerts and poisonings are related to the logistics. In addition, the agro-food sector in Spain is one of the most important assets at the national level. These two facts justify that the selection of good professionals who control the whole process and guarantee the safety of the food and materials transported, throughout the supply chain, is essential since the health of the people is at stake. From Milestone Logistics we would want to remind you five rules to consider when a food company is looking for their logistics company.

Entire Supply chain

A logistics company that is going to work with the food sector must have a great overview of the logistics. Something like “a sixth sense” to leave behind a directional vision and reach a vision of 360 degrees. It must extend the logistics vision to the entire supply chain and have the requirements and certifications of the food industry. And of course, the sanitary registry appropriate to the transport and storage of food goods.


Traceability in this sector is a must. This term, which is defined as the monitoring of food from its origin to the final consumer, has the aim, first of all, to inform the consumer. But the most important thing is that, with the data of the origin of the food, the place by which they have passed, the days that this has taken place, the industries or warehouses to which they have been exposed, there is information for, in In case of any danger, act quickly.

Qualified certification

A logistics company that will carry out the transportation or storage of food or raw materials must have a qualified certification in the control of allergens to avoid that some products that could contaminate others, are not transported in the same vehicle. In these cases the logistics care must be maximum and extreme.

Cold chain

For organoleptic conditions and perfect condition of food, whether processed or not, another requirement that you must demand from your logistics provider is the rigorous maintenance of the cold chain. With vehicles perfectly conditioned for this purpose and warehouses equipped with the atmospheric conditions necessary to give an optimum service, as well as isothermal cold rooms.

ERP systems

And above all, it requires computerized controls of your merchandise so that you can know instantly the place and the state in which it is found. Through ERP systems, RFID and barcode reading control. Logistics 4.0 has arrived to stay and is a competitive advantage that also has an impact on this type of products.

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