Pedro Coca is a professional in the logistic domain who was present here before the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE) recognised such a word.

He has been in charge of several responsibilities in private companies as well as in public entities related to logistics. Among them, he took over relevant positions since he was the president of the transport and infrastructures commission of the Chamber of Commerce in Valencia for 6 years, the general secretary of the Business Federation of Valencia (CEV), the counsellor of the Port Authority of Valencia, the vice-president and counsellor of the Inter-Modal Logistic Platform of Valencia, the president of the company Expert Logistics and the advisor of the railway company Logitren Ferroviaria.

Today, with over 14 years of experience as a full professor of transport at the University of Valencia (UPV) he shows us his point of view regarding the logistic alliance which Milestone Logistics together with Gesprolog, Alfilpack, Mulem and Aza Logistics have just founded in order to offer full logistic services which solve the problem which could trigger the supply chain in a collaborative manner.

Intelligent Strategic Alliance

“It seems to me an intelligent strategic alliance since, in the end, either you are a very big company such as the logistic operators who have business divisions which encompass everything or you are not able to offer all these services”, explains Pedro Coca.

He points out that in the logistic alliance 360, everyone offers a service and their own specialisation and among them they offer an integrated service, what makes a lot of sense.

From a service perspective, this new alliance bills €17.5 million and has 112 employees.  “It is very good since today, for instance, the automotive companies require something more than a transportation solution. Only one company is capable of giving a solution, yet for them, the container and packaging of these pieces is very important until they can be transported”, explains the professor of transport at the University of Valencia.

Therefore, the big companies which look for efficient logistic solutions can find them in these kinds of alliances. Logistics are an activity of services which can modify the whole productive process and can respond in two ways either from the clients’ needs or from the company’s needs.

Among these responses, the logistic alliance 360 has stood out from companies which have in their DNA collaboration and co-operation, yet above all, innovation, a stake in the future and logistics 4.0.

Fulfilling the clients’ demands

In this way, Pedro Coca points out that “the industrial sector is trying to fulfil the clients’ demands at the moment and the logistic domain is as a kneecap which articulates the whole system of consumption and production”.

This means that when the system of consumption is modified, it is necessary to respond fast and logistics must be there at high speed.

Nonetheless, we are experiencing now a moment in which “the consumption requires electronic commerce, but the logistic system has not found the perfect solution yet. Issues such as pollution and the goods reception in the last mille have to be solved since not all the geographic zones are the same”, Pedro Coca points out as a reflection concerning the future transportation.

Without a shadow of a doubt, “logistics have been changed and will be changed a lot within 10 years”, he emphasises.


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