Today we begin in our blog with a series of posts in which you will be introduced to all the professionals who work in Milestone Logistics. And we fire the starting signal with Olga Muñóz, director of the financial department in the company and the loud voice which claims payments and fights until the accounts balance at the end of the day.

With more than 20 years of experience in the logistic and financial domains, she admits that although there is not any physical work, you keep thinking about solving problems for the following day when arriving at home. Furthermore, she points out that any change in the new ERP management system, integrated by Milestone Logistics, means gaining an important profit both for the financial department and for the clients, despite the fact that initial learning could be expensive”.

What are your duties within the financial department of Milestone Logistics?

I take over the company accounts together with my colleagues of the financial department: addition of new clients, the management of payments and settlements and the whole VAT accounting since we externalise only this section to a consultancy, but we also have to send them all the accounting data.

What has your career been within the financial world?

I studied a degree in Business Administration. Since I began working I have been inside the logistic world and the financial departments of these companies. It is something which characterises you and your job along 16 years.

After this phase, when Milestone Logistics was founded, I came to this company and I have been in charge of this department for almost 4 years. I have always worked in this domain.

Nonetheless, a normal day in the financial department of a logistic company is not very different from other domains, since in the other domains you have to do the same in order  to manage the payments and balance the accounts.

Milestones Logistics has recently incorporated the ERP system with the business management. How does this fact affect the financial department?

At the moment, we are adapting it step by step. In the early beginnings, a new technological system which becomes a part of your daily work needs to be paid more attention to until you have the necessary knowledge to use it properly, but as soon as you have introduced the data, you have faced all the problems and incidents which can appear, the benefits are endless and you have gained a competitive advantage both for us and for the clients. In the end, we all gain benefits.

Which is the daily task which you like and dislike the most while facing it?

Although I have been working for many years in this position, I recognise that the most complicated task for me is still the payment claims since it is something difficult. Nevertheless, at the end of the day when you see that you have solved all the problems regarding the accounts you had at the beginning of the day, and they balance, you feel such a big sense of satisfaction.

Which are the companies with the most relevance within the logistic world?

I think that the shipping companies since their position in the logistic chain and their movements have a significant impact in the other agents implicated in the supply chain.

How do you see the financial departments of companies within 10 years?

Probably, management systems of and the technological evolution will be extraordinary. Nonetheless, I believe that in financial matters, accounts are accounts. Although procedures will be changed, numbers are our work in the end, and two plus two will always be four.

Can you combine your work well with your family life or do you still work at home when you arrive from work?

I combine them very well since I do not have any children. Furthermore, I do not bring my work home since I have much to be solved daily here in the office. Nonetheless, although there is not any physical work, I keep thinking of solving problems for the following day and reflecting how to solve incidents which appear every day.

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